Working in the form of web based creative. Mobile first website design and omni-channel display banners for our partners.

Balega launched in 2003 and set out to create the world’s best performance running sock. Their fan base consists of loyal runners from around the world. While their previous website got them to this point, they needed a consumer journey refresh.
Together with my team, I modernized their online presence, including creating and updating functionality to allow consumers to find the pair of Balegas that fit their unique needs.
When Spenco launched its newest line of insoles, Performance, my team was tasked with designing a landing page showcasing both their new and original products together, complete with a detailed comparison chart for consumer education.
In alignment with our creative team visual centers as well as brand guidelines, utilizing my skills of composition and design to create Amazon, Google and Display ads for partners. The challenge being to scale up and down into the specs given while still portraying the message of each campaign.


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